Artburn Pillowcase Painting Kits
Artburn Pillowcase Painting Kits

Ages 4+ Paint your own unique themed pillowcase! Available in a range of themes and illustrations ready to paint, such as uplifting motivational messages, Canadian/outdoors images & others (animals, planets, mermaids, etc!). Just paint, iron your design, and you’re ready to … Continued

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Image of C4K Bright Bead Boutique
Bright Bead Boutique

Creativity for Kids – Bright Bead Boutique Ages 7+ Stand out in style made by you! The complete set includes 800+ bright flower and golden accent beads, ring bases, elastic cord, bead threaders and glue – there are enough materials … Continued

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Image of Toysmith Classic Pin Art
Classic Pin Art

Toysmith – Classic Pin Art Ages 8+ Instant art, over and over again! Pin art begs to be picked up and explored – over 1,000 smooth-tipped pins invite you to play and create an image, turn it over and start … Continued

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Creativity for Kids – Colour Your Mood Crystal Jewelry
Creativity for Kids – Colour Your Mood Crystal Jewelry

Ages 8+ Make your own necklaces, rings, earrings & pins! Heat crystal powder and mix, grow your crystals overnight, then paint and seal them! This kit will give you infinite possibilities to make popular crystal jewelry that suits your mood … Continued

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c4k emoji bracelets
Creativity for Kids – Emoji Bracelets

Ages 6+ With this DIY bracelet kit, you’ll be able to make all kinds of expressive Emoji Bracelets! Using your favourite Emoji characters, and an assortment of coloured beads, you can create bracelets that really show YOUR personality! Includes: Assorted … Continued

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c4k fairy garden
Creativity for Kids – Fairy Garden

Ages: 7+ Indoor gardening made easy! This DIY kit includes everything you’ll need to create the perfect enchanted Fairy Garden! Fairies need a place to stay when they’re traveling, so provide them with a beautiful spot to stop and rest, … Continued

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c4k pizza garden
Creativity for Kids – Plant A Pizza Garden

Ages: 6+ Get into the Italian spirit with your very own pizza garden! This kit includes everything you’ll need to decorate, plant and grow your very own garden with all the essentials for making authentic pizza! Start your seeds indoors … Continued

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Creativity for Kids – String Art Starlight
Creativity for Kids – String Art Starlight

Ages 8+ This brilliant DIY kit has everything you need to create a beautiful string art star lantern! Your lantern will not only glow in the dark, but also comes with 20 LED string lights! Includes: 1 inflatable star LED … Continued

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Image of C4K Deluxe Fleece Blanket
Deluxe Easy-Weave Fleece Blanket

Creativity for Kids – Deluxe Easy-Weave Fleece Blanket Ages 7+ No cutting! No sewing! No tying! Big kids, little kids – even moms and grandmas – will love this fleece blanket kit. Everything you need to make, finish and decorate … Continued

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Two kids enjoying the outdoors with there umbrellas.
Design Your Own Umbrella

4M – Design Your Own Umbrella Ages 5+ Create & paint your own unique design on your umbrella. Kit includes umbrella, stencils, paint, paintbrush & detailed instructions.

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Image of Kiss Naturals DIY Lip Balm Kit
DIY Lip Balm

Kiss Naturals – DIY Lip Balm Ages 6+ What a treat for your lips! With this fun, do-it-yourself kit, you can make six amazing lip balms using all-natural ingredients and essential oils for flavouring. Ready to use in 30 minutes! … Continued

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Creative Learning North Bay Kidoozie Color n' Spin
Kidoozie Color n’ Spin Gears

Ages: 3+ Check out this amazing toy that combines both artistic colouring skills & the fun world of gears! Includes assorted colouring sheets that can be attached to the base with various coloured gears to create a fun 3D story. … Continued

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