Image of Baby Stella Sweet Dreams
“Sweet Dreams” Baby Stella

Manhattan Toy – “Sweet Dreams” Baby Stella Ages 12MO+ It’s bedtime for Baby Stella! With cozy, lavender-scented jammies, a snuggly lamb, a bottle and your little one to hug her, this adorable 38 cm (15 in.) “Sweet Dreams” Baby Stella … Continued

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Alex – Learn to Dress Monkey
Alex – Learn to Dress Monkey

Ages 18MO+ Help your little one learn all the skills necessary to start the day off independently! This loveable soft monkey features various “problematic” tasks involved in getting dressed in the mornings – zippers, buttons, snaps and shoelaces.

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kids showing ways Bilibo's can be used

Ages 2 to 7 Deceptively simple, Bilibo encourages basic motor skills & balance when children use it to rock & spin in, hide under, sit on, tote with & peek through. Use it indoors or outdoors all year round. BPA … Continued

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Bilibo Mini
Bilibo Mini

Ages 12MO+ A mini version of the popular creative toy Bilibo, this assortment of 6 small cups has a wide variety of possibilities! When there are no instructions, kids are free to be creative and come up with their own … Continued

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Image of Bolz Train Top
Bolz Train Top

Bolz – Train Top Ages 18MO+ Chugga, chugga, round we go… This classic spinning top is a delight. Hear the sounds of a steam train and watch the boom gates open and close as you pump the spinning rod to … Continued

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Bristle Blocks 54 Piece Set
Bristle Blocks -54 Pc. Set

Ages: 2+ These easy-to-fit blocks feature bristles that connect to other pieces without risking getting any tiny fingers caught! Create whatever your imagination can come up with!   Some sets fearing extra accessories. Check store for current stock.

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EY- Jungle Fun Tummy Time Mat box
Early Years – Jungle Fun Tummy Time Mat

Ages: 0M+ Featuring an inflatable base, a soft mat, and a comfortable pillow to use as support while learning new skills during tummy time!

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Early Years - Soft Baby Blocks
Early Years – Soft Baby Blocks

Ages: 0M+ These sponge-filled blocks are the perfect size and texture for little hands. Featuring bright colours and various colours/shapes/animals.

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Galt – Smiley Sun Mirror
Galt – Smiley Sun Mirror

Ages 0 MO+ Includes a plastic mirror with soft frame that can be attached to cots, cribs and playpens or used during tummy time play. Also machine washable!

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Grapple - Green

Ages: 6M-12M+ This suction-powered apple-shaped toy holder keeps track of 3 of your baby’s favourite toys for you – no more playing the “Drop & Pick It Up” game – keep items secure and within baby’s reach.   Available in … Continued

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Hape Dancing Butterflies
Hape Dancing Butterflies

Ages 12MO+ This walking aid encourages children to start exploring and traveling with a sturdy wood base and pole. As the wheels move and the toy is pushed across the floor, the pieces spin, moving the butterflies.

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Hape First Pounder
Hape First Pounder

Ages 12MO+ This toy features colourful pegs that can be pounded using the mallet. This toy helps with both fine and gross motor control, concentration and colour recognition.

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