Game Zone Classic Card Games
Classic Card Games

Players: 2-4      Ages: 3+ Includes 37 picture playing cards featuring beautiful art, bright colours and great contrast and the instructions for 5 classic games: Go Fish Old Maid Rummy Memory Snap

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Creative Learning Codenames

Ages: 14+                Players: 2-8 In this competition game, two teams face off to discover the identities of their team of spies. Two spymasters are the only ones who know their real names, giving … Continued

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Codenames Pictures
Codenames Pictures

Players: 2-8+        Ages: 10+         Duration: 15 min Very similar to the original game but made simpler with fewer cards & pictures of each character! The “spymasters” have to locate all of their team’s … Continued

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Game Zone Cool Card Games
Cool Card Games

Players: 2-4        Ages: 4+ Using these picture playing cards, it’s easy to have some old-school traditional family fun! This set includes the instructions to play 5 well-known games: Crazy 8s Hearts I Doubt It War Speed

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Rustik Crokinole

Ages: 6+             Players: 2-4            Bojeux This 2 in 1 game features Crokinole on one side and Checkers on the other. Chips/tokens can be used for both games. Made of … Continued

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Rustik Crokinole Tokens
Crokinole/Checkers Tokens – Pack of 24

Featuring black and natural wood tokens for use in various games, such as Crokinole and Checkers. 24 in each pack (12 black + 12 natural wood).

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Cross Cribb
Cross Cribb

Ages: 8+                Players: 1-6            Outset Media Cross Cribb is a fantastic game that takes the traditional cribbage game, and multiplies it by five! Using the same scoring rules, … Continued

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Outset Dinosaur snakes & Ladders
Dinosaurs Snakes & Ladders

Ages: 3+                   Outset Media A new visual take on the classic Snakes & Ladders game, featuring your favourite dinosaur friends! A fun way to switch things up for that dino-fan in … Continued

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Creative Learning Dragonwood

Ages 8+ Dragonwood is an adventure game sure to bring you back to the times of Medieval knights, daring dragons and stinky ogres! Earn dice to use against your enemies by collecting adventurer cards, and making your way through the … Continued

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Image of Fart Card Game by Outset

Outset – Fart Card Game Ages 8+      3+ Players Ready for some fast, flatulent fun? This side-splittingly explosive card game promises to help you unwind and relieve a little pressure. Be the first to play all of your cards to … Continued

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Five Crowns game
Five Crowns

Players: 1-7      Ages: 8+      Duration: 45 min This classic rummy-style game uses 5 suits – the traditional Spades, Clubs, Hearts & Diamonds, but they also add Stars to the mix! The object of the game is … Continued

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Creative Learning - Ghost Blitz
Ghost Blitz

Ages 8+             Players: 2 – 8 This lightning fast recognition game focuses on identifying colours and shapes while promoting super-quick reflexes! Ghost Blitz involves pulling a card showing various items in different colours – children must identify which object is … Continued

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