Hape Ring Around the Tree
Hape Ring Around the Tree

Ages: 3+ A woodland take on the traditional ring toss – featuring bright and bold colours and various branches & rings to practice your hand-eye coordination!

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Honeybee Tree
Honeybee Tree

Ages 3+ Each player chooses a tray and when it comes to your turn, all you have to do is remove the “leaves” one at a time. The goal is to let the LEAST amount of bees fall down into … Continued

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Image of EI-Kanoodle Extreme
Kanoodle Extreme

Educational Insights – Kanoodle Extreme Ages 8+     1+ Players Cross-train your brain! You’ll flip for this next generation of Kanoodle, which features a unique, new game board now and over 300 2D, 3D and sliding 2D puzzles. Pick a puzzle, … Continued

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Creative Learning KnitWit

Ages 8+          Players: 2-8 KnitWit is a word game, where players use their creativity to come up with unique answers to particular categories, and using loops of yarn/string to create their own categories as the game … Continued

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Labyrinth Game - Creative Learning

Ages 7+          Players: 2-4 Find your way through the labyrinth by using tiles to create hallways and move walls! Great for learning cause & effect, planning and organizational skills and recognition.  

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Image of Last Mouse Lost
Last Mouse Lost

FoxMind – Last Mouse Left Ages 8+       2 Players Like popping bubble wrap? Then you’ll love the sound this game makes when you press down the mice into their holes. If you’re the last mouse standing, you’ve lost. strategy and … Continued

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Ages 6+     2 Players 4 stones are placed in each of the “wells” or “holes”, and each player has a “store” – the big section at the end of the board. One player takes all 4 stones from one well, … Continued

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M&D Hopscotch Rug
Melissa & Doug Hop & Count Hopscotch Rug

Ages: 3+ Use this easy to set up and store Hopscotch Rug to play a variety of outdoor games in the comfort of your home! Can be used as is, or with beanbags/tokens to identify numbers, play math games, and … Continued

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Image of Mobi Math Game

Ages 7+     1-6 Players Even if you don’t like math, you’ll love Möbi! Connect the blue number tiles using the white operations tiles by connecting them in a crossword-style grid. A fast-paced number tile game fun to play with friends … Continued

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My First Bananagrams
My First Bananagrams

Ages: 4+ The perfect word game to introduce young and early readers to letters and words! Featuring lowercase letters for easier visuals and understanding in younger children.

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Pickles to Penguins!
Pickles to Penguins!

Outset – Pickles to Penguins! Ages 8+     2 Players What’s the connection between… Pickles and penguins? Bees and balloons? Guitars and jars? You have to think fast in this quick-thinking, picture-linking party game to try to figure it out. Lots … Continued

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Image of Outset Media Picture Charades
Picture Charades

Outset Media – Picture Charades Ages 4+     2 Players In this game, it’s okay to “act out”! You don’t have to know how to read to play this game of charades – you just have to know how to have … Continued

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