Pyramid Poker
Pyramid Poker

Ages 12+     Players: 2 Each player takes their turn in assembling the pyramid, then each player takes away one block at a time in order to create their poker hands. Win 2 of 3 hands, and you win … Continued

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Creative Learning Q-bitz
Q-bitz – Full Version

Ages 8+                     Players: 2-4 Players use special coloured blocks to recreate patterns. This game calls on attention to detail and memory skills!

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Image of Quarto wooden game

Gigamic – Quarto Ages 8+ Quarto! has a 4×4 board and 16 pieces. Each piece has four dichotomous attributes – color, height, shape, and consistency – so each piece is either black or white, tall or short, square or round, … Continued

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Players: 1-8       Ages: 8+       Duration: 35 min The object of the game is to make as many words as possible with the letter cards in your hand – at the end of each round … Continued

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Image of Qwirkle

Mindware – Qwirkle Age 6+    2-4 Players Mix, match, score & win! Use 108 tiles in six shapes & six colours to score pointsby building lines of tiles that share a common attribute (either colour or shape). Mensa Award winner … Continued

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Slapzi Card Game

Ages 6+      Players: 2 to 10 Check out this fun, fast-paced game by the creators of Tenzi! Match photo cards with clue cards that describe items in category terms such as: found in water, or generally blue. The … Continued

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Creative Learning - Spot It - NHL
Spot It – NHL Edition

Ages 7+              Players: 2 – 8 This fast-paced game will thrill hockey fans and non-Canadians alike by using recognition skills and quick reflexes to find common items/images between two played cards.  

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Spot It – Original Edition
Spot It – Original Edition

Ages 7+                    Players: 2 – 8 This incredibly quick and simple to learn game involves drawing two cards, and finding the common image between the two, as quickly as possible! Practices recognition and reflexes.

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Creative Learning - Suspend Game Melissa & Doug

Ages 8+                       Players: 1-4 Try your hand at this incredible game of balance, coordination and planning! Each set comes with various wire pieces that can be hung to create a teetering, exciting bundle of precarious fun! Try not to knock … Continued

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Creative Learning - Suspend Jr.
Suspend Jr.

Ages 4+                        Players: 1 – 4 With the same goal as the version for older kids “Suspend” – Suspend Jr. comes with brighter colours and lighter pieces to appeal to small hands and big imaginations.  

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Image of Tenzi

Tenzi Ages 7+      2-4 Players It’s a fun, fast frenzy! Everybody gets 10 dice. Someone says “Go!” Whoever gets all their dice on the same number wins. Sure, there are a few more rules, but you get the idea! A … Continued

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Ticket to Ride – Europe
Ticket to Ride – Europe

Ages 8+              Players: 2-5 A different location with the same game concept as “Ticket to Ride – Original”! This time, the travellers will be scouting out cities across Europe, trying to get in as … Continued

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