Hape Train Puzzle
Hape Train Track Puzzle

Ages 3+ This addition to your wooden train set features spots in the middle of a loop to fit your trains into, just like a puzzle! Helps build fine motor control and incorporate an added feature to your little one’s … Continued

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Hape Waterfall Tunnel
Hape Waterfall Tunnel

Ages 3+ A fantastic addition to any wooden train set, this waterfall tunnel will provide endless fun for your little train engineer. Simply flip the waterfall section upside down to set the blue liquid moving inside and create the illusion … Continued

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Hape Xylophone Melody Track
Hape Xylophone Melody Track

Ages: 18M+ An accessory to the wooden train sets featuring a musical xylophone that creates brilliant sounds when the train passes over.

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M&D Safari Animal Rescue Truck
Melissa & Doug Safari Animal Rescue Truck

Ages: 2+ This truck is not only safe for children under 3 years, but also features a shape sorter and various animals that can be fit in through the appropriate spots on the side and carried around the safari.

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PM 5681
Playmobil Ambulance

Ages 4+           PM 5681 Check out this incredible ambulance: built with sturdy materials, and featuring lights and sounds!

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PM5677 Box
Playmobil Food Truck

Ages: 4+              PM 5677 This food truck comes with a ton of cool accessories so that you can start serving up some fantastic food! Drive around town to the best locations in your fancy … Continued

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PM 9114 Box
Playmobil Ice Cream Truck

Ages: 4+          PM 9114 Comes with all the accessories required to get started on your very own ice cream business!

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PM 5673 Box
Playmobil Police Cruiser

Ages: 4+           PM 5673 Includes flashing sirens so that everyone will know – the strongest and smartest police officers are on their way! Watch out, bad guys!

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PM 5682 Box
Playmobil Rescue Fire Truck

Ages: 4+                 PM 5682 Featuring both sounds and lights, as well as a bucket ladder that can swivel in any direction to make sure YOU get to the fire and save the … Continued

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PM 5680 Box
Playmobil School Bus

Ages: 4+         PM 5680 The ideal school bus toy for little ones getting excited about their first few years at school! This sturdy bus features lights and sounds to make sure that everyone gets on board … Continued

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Round The Town Car Rug
Round the Town Road Rug & Car Set – Mellisa and Doug

3+   This colorful road rug comes with four cars to drive on looping streets and lanes — and its varied terrain makes it ideal for trains, chunky play figures, and vehicles of all kinds!

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