Crazy Forts!
Crazy Forts!

Ages 5+ Contains: 25 Balls 44 Sticks Use whatever combination your imagination can come up with to create an endless series of neat forts! Insert the sticks into the ball joints to build a wonderful and practical fort!

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Image of 4M Insectoid

4M – Insectoid Ages 8+ It walks! It crawls! It wriggles! Don’t scream and run away – instead, construct this easy-to-build insectoid (that kind of looks like a giant grasshopper) to discover the fascinating mechanics behind robotic movement.

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Image of Magformers XL Cruisers Set
Magformers – XL Cruisers

Magformers – XL Cruisers Ages 6+ Magnetic power – with extra cool factor! This set is perfect for budding car designers. With sleek, silver-edged pieces and instructions to follow or inspire, you’ll be building a dream car or taking it … Continued

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Image of Magformers Carnival Set
Magformers Carnival Set

Magformers – Carnival Set Ages 6+ Thrill rides that don’t upset your tummy! You can build simple or complex 3D carnival rides that really move. Follow the instructions or experiment with the 46 colourful pieces to design your own fun! … Continued

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MD Standard Unit Blocks
Melissa & Doug Standard Unit Blocks

Ages: 3+ Check out some of the best quality wooden blocks on the market – used commonly in classrooms and daycares, these Melissa & Doug blocks feature different shapes and sizes to create the perfect unique design. This set includes … Continued

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Image of Q-BA-Maze 2.0 box
Q-BA-Maze 2.0

Mindware – Q-BA-Maze 2.0 Ages 5+ Put the laws of motion to the test! Build amazing marble runs with 72 colourful cubes. Direct the 20 steel balls (included) using the single- and bottom-exit cubes; create suspense with the double-exit cubes … Continued

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Image of Straws & Connectors Neon
Straws & Connectors Neon

Ages 4+ What’s your next bright idea? With 175 straws and 125 connectors in neon colours, you’ll be creating forts, boats, rocket ships, igloos and more. You probably won’t need the idea guide, but it’s included anyway!

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Image of 4M Table Top Robot
Table Top Robot

4M Table Top Robot Age 8+ Assemble a smart robotic crab which can detect the edges of a table & make a swift turn to avoid falling off. Requires 1 AA battery & small crosshead screwdriver (not included).

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