Amazing Spheres
Amazing Spheres

Ages 4+ These incredible tiny balls blow up in water to the size of marbles! With a neat texture that is sure to please little ones, it’s a textural and sensory experience even adults will enjoy!

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Image of Astronaut Ice Cream flavours
Astronaut Ice Cream

Astronaut Ice Cream – Assorted Flavours Ages 5+ An upside down delight – really! You’ll love tasting this authentic space food – the same ice-cream-without-the-ice that astronauts have taken to space and enjoyed when they needed a sweet treat! Assorted … Continued

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Image of 4M Crystal Growing Kit
Crystal Growing Kit

4M – Crystal Growing Kit Ages 10+ Watch these crystals form right before your eyes! It takes about a week to see the final results of this very sparkly chemistry experiment, but the wait is worth it! Includes everything you … Continued

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Energy Stick
Energy Stick

Ages 4+ This easy-to-use science toy demonstrates our bodies’ ability to create a circuit! Simply join hands and create a circle, holding on to either end of the Energy Stick and watch it light up and make noise!

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Image of GeoFlux in motion
GeoSpace GeoFlux

GeoSpace GeoFlux Ages 6+ A blur of mesmerizing motion! GeoFlux transforms from a “stack” of metal rings into a wondrous 3D sculpture. Slip it onto something – your wrist or a broom handle and start moving. Amazing and addictive – … Continued

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Geyser Tube
Geyser Tube

Ages 8+ This fun and popular science experiment is sure to please, and make a mess! Comes with a tube attachment to clip on to a 2L pop bottle (TIP: Diet Coke and other Diet pops tend to react more … Continued

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Image of 4M Insectoid

4M – Insectoid Ages 8+ It walks! It crawls! It wriggles! Don’t scream and run away – instead, construct this easy-to-build insectoid (that kind of looks like a giant grasshopper) to discover the fascinating mechanics behind robotic movement.

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Image of Q-BA-Maze 2.0 box
Q-BA-Maze 2.0

Mindware – Q-BA-Maze 2.0 Ages 5+ Put the laws of motion to the test! Build amazing marble runs with 72 colourful cubes. Direct the 20 steel balls (included) using the single- and bottom-exit cubes; create suspense with the double-exit cubes … Continued

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Image of Snap Circuits 300
Snap Circuits 300

Elenco – Snap Circuits 300 Age 8+ Over 300 exciting projects all revolving around electricity. Learn how transistors & capacitors function & how to make time delay circuits, AM radio, lie detector, burglar alarm & more without lots of tiny … Continued

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Snap Circuits Beginner
Snap Circuits Beginner

SCB-20            Ages: 5+ This Snap Circuits kit is meant for little electricians as it teaches you the introductory concepts to circuitry and comes with all the parts necessary to complete over 20 projects!

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Snap Circuits Jr.
Snap Circuits Jr.

SC-100        Ages: 8+ This Snap Circuits kit features over 100 projects for you to begin constructing your very own electrical circuits – able to trigger sounds, music and lights, and also extendable with other “Upgrade” kits.

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Snap Circuits Jr. Select
Snap Circuits Jr. Select

SC-130          Ages: 8+ Begin your Snap Circuit journey with the beginner’s set: Snap Circuits Jr. featuring over 130 projects and 30 pieces. Learn to create circuits to engage music tracks, trigger a glow-in-the-dark propellor, LEDs etc.

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