kids showing ways Bilibo's can be used

Ages 2 to 7 Deceptively simple, Bilibo encourages basic motor skills & balance when children use it to rock & spin in, hide under, sit on, tote with & peek through. Use it indoors or outdoors all year round. BPA … Continued

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Hedstrom Sensory Squirmeez
Hedstrom Sensory Squirmeez

Ages: 18M+ If your little one has a tough time sitting still, these cushions from Hedstrom may be what you’re looking for! Squirmeez help squirmy kids by providing just enough motion to clear anxious and nervous energy, while not distracting … Continued

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LER Helping Hands Fine Motor Tool Set
LER Helping Hands Tool Set

Ages: 3+ Enjoy tactile learning and practice with these 4 brightly coloured tools meant for developing fine motor control and grip for future writing projects. Features: 2 Tweezers, Scooper, & Dropper. Can be used with children who have special learning … Continued

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LER Time Tracker Visual Timer
LER Time Tracker Mini

Ages: 3+ This visual timer features dials that spin as time counts down, as well as a light on top that flashes to give a visual cue as well. Both a total time and a warning time can be set.

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PlayDirt – Bag O’ Dirt
PlayDirt – Bag O’ Dirt

Ages 3+ This completely non-toxic and safe “dirt” is a mouldable sand with the most interesting and soothing texture! It can be formed into whatever shapes your imagination can create, and with the dark, sand-like colour, kids will feel like … Continued

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Senseez Adaptables Paisley
Senseez Adaptables

Ages: 4+ 3-in-1 Vibration Unit, Hot/Cold Pack & Weighted Pack to: Relax the Body Ease Discomfort Soothe Anxiety   Available in multiple styles.

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Senseez Pillows
Senseez Pillows

Ages: 3+ These vibrating pillows provide soothing comfort that encourages active and fidgety little ones to sit with ease for longer periods of time. Can assist in classrooms or daycares, for quiet times/reading hours, or at home for any child … Continued

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Senseez Trendables Hoodie
Senseez Trendables

Ages 6+ Calms Hyperactivity Helps Focus Soothes Anxiety Helps with Falling Asleep This pillow features a vibrating core that provides soothing sensations to calm a hyperactive body or mind. Clinical Trial Data: 70% increase in child’s attention span 86% rate … Continued

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