M&D Switch & Spin
M&D Switch & Spin

Ages 2+ This bright and eye-catching toy features several removable background cards, and a variety of magnetic coloured gears. Once the gears are placed according to the background card’s instructions, they may be spun to create a moving line of colour! A great toy … Continued

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Image of Magformers XL Cruisers Set
Magformers – XL Cruisers

Magformers – XL Cruisers Ages 6+ Magnetic power – with extra cool factor! This set is perfect for budding car designers. With sleek, silver-edged pieces and instructions to follow or inspire, you’ll be building a dream car or taking it … Continued

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Image of Magformers Carnival Set
Magformers Carnival Set

Magformers – Carnival Set Ages 6+ Thrill rides that don’t upset your tummy! You can build simple or complex 3D carnival rides that really move. Follow the instructions or experiment with the 46 colourful pieces to design your own fun! … Continued

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Toysmith Magnets – 8 pc.
Toysmith Magnets – 8 pc.

Ages 6+ What ISN’T fun about magnets? NOTHING! Pick up this starter kit today and explore your home and yard for magnetic materials!

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