Image of Snap Circuits 300
Snap Circuits 300

Elenco – Snap Circuits 300 Age 8+ Over 300 exciting projects all revolving around electricity. Learn how transistors & capacitors function & how to make time delay circuits, AM radio, lie detector, burglar alarm & more without lots of tiny … Continued

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Snap Circuits Beginner
Snap Circuits Beginner

SCB-20            Ages: 5+ This Snap Circuits kit is meant for little electricians as it teaches you the introductory concepts to circuitry and comes with all the parts necessary to complete over 20 projects!

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Snap Circuits Jr.
Snap Circuits Jr.

SC-100        Ages: 8+ This Snap Circuits kit features over 100 projects for you to begin constructing your very own electrical circuits – able to trigger sounds, music and lights, and also extendable with other “Upgrade” kits.

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Snap Circuits Jr. Select
Snap Circuits Jr. Select

SC-130          Ages: 8+ Begin your Snap Circuit journey with the beginner’s set: Snap Circuits Jr. featuring over 130 projects and 30 pieces. Learn to create circuits to engage music tracks, trigger a glow-in-the-dark propellor, LEDs etc.

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Sophie the Giraffe™
Sophie the Giraffe™

Ages 0+ Sophie the Giraffe has become an absolute must-have and classic when it comes to newborn toys & development. Sophie is made of 100% natural rubber and completely non-toxic, making it a safe toy to offer to children of … Continued

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Spot It – Original Edition
Spot It – Original Edition

Ages 7+                    Players: 2 – 8 This incredibly quick and simple to learn game involves drawing two cards, and finding the common image between the two, as quickly as possible! Practices recognition and reflexes.

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Image of Straws & Connectors Neon
Straws & Connectors Neon

Ages 4+ What’s your next bright idea? With 175 straws and 125 connectors in neon colours, you’ll be creating forts, boats, rocket ships, igloos and more. You probably won’t need the idea guide, but it’s included anyway!

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Image of Submarine Spray Station
Submarine Spray Station

Yookidoo – Submarine Spray Station Ages 12MO+ So much fun, you won’t want to get out! This musical bath toy pulls water through the submarine to the diver spray head so your little one can play with the water activity … Continued

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Creative Learning - Suspend Game Melissa & Doug

Ages 8+                       Players: 1-4 Try your hand at this incredible game of balance, coordination and planning! Each set comes with various wire pieces that can be hung to create a teetering, exciting bundle of precarious fun! Try not to knock … Continued

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Creative Learning - Suspend Jr.
Suspend Jr.

Ages 4+                        Players: 1 – 4 With the same goal as the version for older kids “Suspend” – Suspend Jr. comes with brighter colours and lighter pieces to appeal to small hands and big imaginations.  

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Image of 4M Table Top Robot
Table Top Robot

4M Table Top Robot Age 8+ Assemble a smart robotic crab which can detect the edges of a table & make a swift turn to avoid falling off. Requires 1 AA battery & small crosshead screwdriver (not included).

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Image of Tenzi

Tenzi Ages 7+      2-4 Players It’s a fun, fast frenzy! Everybody gets 10 dice. Someone says “Go!” Whoever gets all their dice on the same number wins. Sure, there are a few more rules, but you get the idea! A … Continued

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