Senseez Pillows
Senseez Pillows

Ages: 3+ These vibrating pillows provide soothing comfort that encourages active and fidgety little ones to sit with ease for longer periods of time. Can assist in classrooms or daycares, for quiet times/reading hours, or at home for any child … Continued

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Senseez Trendables Hoodie
Senseez Trendables

Ages 6+ Calms Hyperactivity Helps Focus Soothes Anxiety Helps with Falling Asleep This pillow features a vibrating core that provides soothing sensations to calm a hyperactive body or mind. Clinical Trial Data: 70% increase in child’s attention span 86% rate … Continued

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Image of Sing a Song of Bedtime by Barbara Reid book
Sing a Song of Bedtime by Barbara Reid

Book: Sing a Song of Bedtime by Barbara Reid Ages Birth+ A bedtime masterpiece from Barbara Reid. Send your little one off to sleep with 14 classic rhymes and lullabies beautifully enhanced by Barbara Reid’s award-winning bright and multi-dimensional Plasticine … Continued

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Ages 3+ Be the captain of your very own spinning “Skyrocopter”! With helicopter-like flying abilities, all you do is pull the cord to unleash the ring into the air!

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Slackers Ninja Ladder
Slackers Ninja Ladder

Ages 5+         Max. Weight – 175 lbs/ 80kg This ladder uses balance, coordination and strength, and is a great stand-alone backyard toy or an add-on to the Slackers Ninjaline™ Kit.

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Slackers Ninja Rope
Slackers Ninja Rope

Ages 5+       Max. Weight – 175 lbs / 80kg Attach this 8′ rope ladder to a tree branch, play structure or your NinjaLine™ Kit.

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Slackers Ninja Line Kit
Slackers Ninjaline™ Intro Kit

Ages 5+     Max. Weight: 113 kg/220 lbs This obstacle course features a 30′ Rope and 7 different obstacles to turn your backyard into the intense, physically-demanding, super-fun play field of the world’s STRONGEST and FITTEST athletes! This kit … Continued

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Slapzi Card Game

Ages 6+      Players: 2 to 10 Check out this fun, fast-paced game by the creators of Tenzi! Match photo cards with clue cards that describe items in category terms such as: found in water, or generally blue. The … Continued

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Image of Slinky

Alex / Poof Slinky – Slinky® Ages 3+ The original Slinky® provides hours of active play and fun! This hollow tube of wiggly metal has entertained us for generations, and can bring both a wave of nostalgia to some, and … Continued

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Image of Snap Circuits 300
Snap Circuits 300

Elenco – Snap Circuits 300 Age 8+ Over 300 exciting projects all revolving around electricity. Learn how transistors & capacitors function & how to make time delay circuits, AM radio, lie detector, burglar alarm & more without lots of tiny … Continued

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Snap Circuits Arcade
Snap Circuits ARCADE

SCA-200           Ages: 8+ This Full Snap Circuits kit features a ton of extra features related to “Arcade Play”. Includes 30 pieces for over 200 projects!

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Snap Circuits Beginner
Snap Circuits Beginner

SCB-20            Ages: 5+ This Snap Circuits kit is meant for little electricians as it teaches you the introductory concepts to circuitry and comes with all the parts necessary to complete over 20 projects!

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